Why hire us and FAQ?

Why Hire Us?

We are a small law firm dedicated totally to representing veterans for service compensation.  Due to our size and dedication, you will be able to communicate with your attorney whenever you need to so that you understand the status of your appeal.  We will help explain where your case is in the VA appeal process as well as explain our strategy to maximize your VA benefits.

What we do?

We handle all required to appeals to maximize your VA rating, we gather medical evidence, help develop essential lay evidence, and develop the best legal and factual strategy to achieve the best possible results.

How do I know if my benefits are maximized?

Technically the VA is supposed to do this but we make sure this is done in reality. We help throughout the entire appeal process and find claims that you may not know you had, either based on claims for service connection, higher ratings, or earlier effective dates. When we review your file, interview you, and find these other claims that you may not know you had.

Will an attorney help me?

Yes, Joel Ban will help and be charged with implementing the case strategy from the very start. Though we have assistants they will never be charged with the case entirely and will only assist.

Will you help me apply for claims from the start?

If we are already representing you we will help you file brand new claims even though we would not get any fee if you were approved immediately. This has been the result quite often over the years but is something we do to help you maximize your claims.

Can I reach out to you with questions?

We are dedicated to good communication and promise to return calls within a day and immediately answer the calls of current clients. If we aren’t immediately available we will call back within a day. We will return potential new clients within a day.

How do attorney fees work?

We can only work on a contingent fee basis where we generally take a 20% allocation of the benefits that are past due. We don’t and cannot take other forms of direct payment outside of a contingency arrangement based on VA federal rules.

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