Toxic Exposures

Toxic Exposures—PACT ACT/Gulf War Service

We are experienced and very much enjoy pursuing claims as a result of toxic exposures.  These can vary from radiation, agent orange/dioxin, air pollution, burn pits, flight and aircraft chemical exposures, and many other types of pollutants that are known or suspected to cause many different types of diseases and health problems.  Often these problems would not arise for many years or decades after the exposures.  Regardless of the time frame you should receive proper compensation for your losses.  Having experience in environmental law and having handled many of these VA claims gives us the ideal background to handle these types of claims.  Helping to support the claims with expert opinions and getting the proper support is key.  Having handled cases even before the PACT act came into effect in 2022, we understand that gulf war exposures can be connected if they cause undiagnosed problems or diagnosed problems without a clear etiology.  Under the newer PACT act many types of problems are presumed connected.  Regardless, many of these impairments will be initially denied and proper support/argument is essential to winning these claims. 

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