In Utah and nationally when a person submits a social security application form a number of things typically happens.  Many people that apply for social security disability are curious as to how Social Security processes the disability application and what to expect.  This is understandable however its important to realize that not all disability applications follow the same path. I am one disability lawyer that assists applicants submit a disability (SSDI and SSI) application in Salt Lake City and Utah.  The disability application can be done on the internet or on the social security website.  There is also a printable disability application.  There are other ways to submit an SSI application, but this must be done usually in paper.  Consult a disability lawyer to determine the best way to handle the disability application.
In Utah after the disability application is submitted Disability Determination Services uses the applicant’s medical release waiver to get medical records to help process a social security disability claim.  Also in Utah the DDS will often schedule exams with doctors that contract with Social Security and the state to conduct Consultative Exams.  These exams cover any number of impairments in the mental and physical general categories and help adjudicate the claims to help determine if an individual meets the definition of disability.  The disability exams generally range in quality and thoroughness, but generally claimants should not rely on these exams as their sole or main source of evidence for their disability case.  The best strategy is to use the opinion and medical treatment evidence from your own treating physician. Social Security disability rules usually give preferential weight to a treating physician although not always.   Its not entirely clear as to when or why these consultative exams are scheduled but ostensibly its in cases where the evidence available is not considered sufficient, but this shouldn’t be considered the only circumstance when they are scheduled.