Denied Benefits?

Denied Benefits?

Your not alone!

The majority of applicants that initially apply for disability benefits are turned down at the beginning stage.

Do not give up!!

Give us a call for a free consultation 801-532-2447.

There is no fee unless you win!!

Strategies to help your case:

  • Keep a record of everything as sometimes things are lost.
  • When you go to the doctor ask your doctor to document all the issues that you inform them about.
  • Ask them to test for any problem that you may have through objective means.

Will my Appeal Succeed?

At the beginning stages, application and reconsideration, close to 90% are not approved, and so appealing the decisions is critical. Most cases that are approved are approved in front of an Administrative Law Judge—at the hearing stage. The hearing is very important and Ban Law Office PC will request and prepare you for your hearing.

What can Ban Law Office PC do?

  • We can analyze the case
  • prepare and procure specific medical evidence
  • make legal and factual arguments to Social Security
  • cross examine experts during a hearing
  • question other evidence

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