Who are the Veterans on Social Security basic statistics:

The Social Security Office of Policy has an informative piece about Veterans in the Social Security system.  Of course both Veterans and non-Veterans apply for Social Security Disability, but Veterans are unique to the Social Security system.  I am a Utah SSI attorney that is able to help Veterans apply and appeal both Social Security disability (SSDI) and VA disability compensation since I have experience in both programs.  Veterans make up a large percentage of those that apply for Social Security disability since they often have problems with full time work. This is not always this case as the VA disability program is much different than the Social Security disability program since under the VA program one only need to show that they are impaired in full time work, but may still work part time.  You can read about the differences in the programs here.
Often they are capable of part-time work which may or may not qualify them for both programs.  It really all depends on the individual circumstances.  There are 9.4 million Veterans who receive Social Security benefits or one out of four (40% of the adult disability population).  Because the majority of Veterans are male the vast majority of those that get Social Security Disability are also male.  In fact 97% of Veterans who receive Social Security benefits are male compared to the regular population where only 43% are male.  However its also interesting that Veterans are more likely to be married and have finished high school that a normal person on social security disability.  Here the Veteran Social Security beneficiaries are 73% married and 83% finished high school.  Again out of the non-Veterans who receive social security benefits the percentages are much lower.  We have previously explained that Veterans that service between 1957-2001 are eligible for additional Social Security disability benefits.  Veterans are also less likely to receive Supplemental Security Income or SSI.  Please contact a Salt Lake SSI attorney to learn more about what benefits you may qualify as a Veteran.