The backlog for disability social security is not as long as it used to be and certainly does not involve some of the lengthy waiting periods our veterans have to endure, but is still present.  Because disability applicants often ask their disability attorneys how long it will take for their case to get approved it is worthwhile to look at the average waiting times table on the Social Security website.   Working with an SSI/SSDI attorney will certainly help your chances of success in a disability case, but still most will have to wait to see a disability judge for a disability hearing.  After waiting 6 months to a year for the first two steps in the disability application process there will be more waiting for a disability hearing.  In Fort Myers, Florida disability applicants will wait 17 months, but only 5 months in Reno, NV.  Here in Salt Lake City the average period is 10 months for a disability hearing, which is not too bad relatively speaking.

What can I do while waiting for Disability Hearing?

During this period there are many things that can be accomplished to help improve the case that include building up the medical file to improve the evidence supporting the disability.  In addition, your disability attorney can help you acquire the right type of evidence from your doctor who can provide essential information on what are the functional limitations presented by your disabilities and how severe they are.  If your doctor is considered a treating provider then their opinion will be entitled to some deference by Social Security.  Also work with your attorney to provide lay evidence in the form of letters from friends, family members, former co workers/supervisors, and anyone else who could provide information on the extent of the disability.  These can all be gathered as information with your disability attorney before the hearing is scheduled.  The table linked above can give you a good rough idea as to how long you may wait for your disability hearing.