Many people have called me as a Utah SSI attorney stating that are searching for the disability application, and have inquired about the differences between SSI and SSDI.  The disability applications are different.  I answered some of the major questions on the differences between the two major social security disability programs in a recent post.  I’ve also included posts on the differences between Social Security Disability and VA Disability here.  The major difference between the social security disability programs is that one is essentially a needs based program, SSI, and the other is literally an insurance program, SSDI.  Salt Lake SSI lawyers such as myself answer questions on which one to apply for all the time and the answer comes down to work history, which is of course different for everyone.

Disability Applications for SSI and SSDI

The practical differences between SSI and SSDI are significant as well since one can be applied for easily online and the other cannot.  Social Security disability (SSDI) can be applied for on the social security website by clicking the link on the left side of the page.  However, because there is a lot of financial information that is needed for SSI there is no online equivalent.  While I have not seen a paper SSI disability application on the internet I have uploaded the SSI form here.  At least this way people that are applying for social security disability can at least what kinds of information is needed to apply.  It is easy to see that much of the information that is needed to apply for SSI is financial in nature.  The other similarity between the two programs is that for both SSI and SSDI one must complete the disability report form that is available online on the social security site.  Utah SSI lawyers are for the most part helping people applying from the very beginning and for SSI its also possible to schedule a phone interview to do this part.