The first step to gaining disability benefits is to file an application formally with the Social Security Administration. Although its by no means required a disability lawyer can help with this process. We assist at all levels of the appeal process.  To apply for social security disability go to the social security website. The agency has made the process relatively painless as this application is to be filed with the disability report. The one form that cannot be filed online is the medical record waiver form, SSA 827. You will be required to file this one in its original format. We can help file the disability application for individuals in Utah through the internet by coming into our office. Other options exist for social security disability benefits including through a disability interview on the phone or in person at your local social security office. One part of the application process that may apply to many applicants is the SSI portion cannot be filed online and would have to be done through the options mentioned above.
Social Security disability eligibility for initial applications is quite low both in Utah and throughout the country. A disability lawyer can help figure out strategies for earlier success but generally speaking several appeals may be necessary to win the benefit. A disability attorney will help you not just with the application but can help with subsequent forms that are typically sent to the claimant. Filling these forms out carefully and with sufficient detail can often help you win your claim than could normally be expected. Its important to file the application as soon as you become unable to work so that you can maximize your benefit and so you don’t lose your insured status. The application questions are not tricky but it can often be helpful to have the answers phrased in a way that gives the reviewing agency the most helpful information