Previously it was explained how crucial medical records are to winning disability.  Hiring a disability attorney can certainly help but unless the disability records support the medical problems it will be difficult for purposes of winning disability.  The problem sometimes is that disability claimants may not be able to see a doctor based on the lack of medical insurance.  We have previously described ways to get medical care through the Affordable Care Act or in other ways at a low cost.  It is simply insufficient to state that you are suffering from the problems you say you are without support from medical records.  It is also very important to follow prescribed treatment whether it be medication, physical therapy, or counseling.
Its important to be specific as to what problems you are specifically having in terms of physical or mental issues.  If you have problems with disability through walking, sitting, standing, or lifting let your doctor know so that he/she can document the issue and attempt to treat it.  Mental disabilities could include issues with mood, concentrating, attention, or anxiety.  Ensuring that your disability case gets proper consideration it is critical that the doctor document these medical issues in the medical file.  It is probably a good idea that you inform your doctor that you have applied for disability and this is the reason for good documentation of medical problems in the medical file.  This will alert the doctor that proper documentation of medical problems is something that is important for overall treatment.  Lastly it is important that you regularly review your medical records to ensure that your doctor is documented the disabilities for your social security case.  Obviously, if there are important things missing from the doctor you can gently remind the doctor to perhaps include some of the important medical information related to them.  Your Salt Lake SSDI attorney can help you determine what steps may be necessary in terms of finding more support from your medical records to win your disability case.