The Associated Press did a great story on the problems women veterans face in lieu of their increasing numbers and society’s failure to acknowledge their sacrifices. The numbers are quite high since over 230,000 women have fought in recent military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The problems they face are the same as their male veteran colleagues although they seem to face added sexual discrimination. Like their male cohorts they struggle with PTSD but such an illness may be discounted in their disability rating if they are pregnant. Although military law prohibits women from being in artillery front lines the likelihood they will be in a combat situation is high due to the nature of recent conflicts. Even as a police officer there is a strong possibility of being situated in the middle of a violent conflict. One hundred and twenty women have been killed in action and 650 have been wounded. One area that women veterans seem to be struggling with at higher rates then men are sexual assault, but often the most common complaint is the stigma they receive when they get back home. Women veterans do not seem to receive the same level of respect as males when they return such as the free beers that many veterans receive. That disrespect is compounded by the military establishment and VA since the woman’s role in service is frequently viewed as a subservient or lesser role then the male veteran’s.