Social Security disability for veterans includes a special “wounded warriors” program and is described in detail by Social Security here.  Social Security Disability for Veterans are described in other contexts here and here.  We have provided information on enhanced benefits for Veterans applying for Social Security Disability benefits (both SSDI and SSI) and an overview of Social Security Disability for Veterans.  In terms of the wounded warriors program there is an excellent overview on the Nolo website.  Social Security disability benefits are sometimes available to disabled Veterans who became disabled while on active service on or after October 1, 2001. Social Security for veterans can still be available if the wounded warrior is “active duty” and is receiving military pay.  However, social security for veterans may  not be available if the Veteran is engaged in substantial work which was described previously here.
To summarize substantial work is work that is performed where earnings amount to more than $1040 per month in 2013.  To apply go to the social security website here.  Although you can still be active duty and receive Social Security Disability such as SSDI and SSI it is important to let Social Security know if your military occupational specialty changes.  You can also obtain a benefits planning query from Social Security.  It is important to remember that even if you are disabled or even totally disabled under the VA disability program that this does not automatically guarantee success that you will be eligible for Social Security Disability.  Much has been written on the differences between these two programs including on this website.