Many of the claimants that I help with Social Security disability benefits in Utah are not always sure what jobs they’ve had or where they’ve worked.  They may remember the job vaguely but do not remember the year or the exact name of the place.  It is good to know what exactly what was done in the past in order to earn social security disability benefits.  A disability lawyer can help with the claim itself but cannot always assist in terms of remembering what jobs were done, the details of the job, and where they were performed.
forgetting past earnings[/caption]
Social Security eligibility is sometimes influenced by past earnings and what job duties were peformed.  In the past social security earning statements would be sent automatically every year.  This is no longer the case if you are under 60.  However, by creating a mysocialsecurity account online these statements can still be requested online.  Go here to create an account and request your statement.  Doing this will help me help claimants when they seek benefits with a disability attorney.  If you still have social security questions feel free to contact us because usually there is a social security earnings limit.