Some people who apply for Social Security Disability (SSDI) and SSI may believe a Utah Disability Lawyer may be enough to win their case.  In fact the most important factor is usually the quality of the medical evidence and therefore medical insurance.  However, many disability applicants are uninsured and are among the 359,577 Utahns that lack health insurance.  This is 15% of the population in Utah that lacks medical insurance. The vast majority of disabled will likely qualify for a subsidy to buy insurance, which will be required under the law starting in 2014.  Under the Affordable Care Act there will be state and nation wide exchanges.  Please check out this website and you can compare the plans and determine the amount of an individual or a family subsidy.  Many of the people that lack medical insurance in Utah and apply for Social Security disability will be happy to know that there is competition with 99 different plans.  The level of subsidy for medical insurance will depend upon what percent of the federal poverty level one is at.  The Salt Lake Tribune has a useful article about this issue here.

Where to find Insurance for Disability in Utah

One resource that may help for medical insurance and getting onto social security disability is this site.  On this site there are places for free health care, information on medicaid, and PCN.  Utah claimants for SSDI and SSI may find helpful resources at community health centers explained in the Salt Lake Tribune.  Under the ACA almost everyone will be required to have insurance by 2014 and new exchanges will be established by October this year.  In Utah the exchange will be run by the federal government.  Social Security disability applicants, SSI and SSDI, often are unable to prove they are disabled since they lack basic health insurance this could change dramatically under obamacare.  The Community Health Centers that are all over the state of Utah will help the uninsured to find a insurance plan that will be affordable.  Many SSI and SSDI applicants have previously sought medicaid through the state of Utah, but were unable to qualify due to various reasons.  Under expanded medicaid there will be increased federal funding going to Utah Workforce Services, the state agency that administers medicaid.  There is also a $400,000 grant for marketing and advertising of the new health care program.  Still it is unclear how well the program will working both nationally and especially in Utah.  This is because it is well-known that the state has been aggressively resistant to any federal program that provided medical insurance for all.  Still it is a positive development since the program should provide much needed medical insurance for all Utahns and people that desperately need insurance while applying for social security disability.