When applying for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI or SSI) every person has a right to hire a Utah disability attorney.  This right has been described by the Social Security Administration.
The Administration has rules for attorneys or “representatives” and generally the attorney cannot charge a fee for the social security disability claim unless Social Security approves the fee.  The attorney is helpful in terms of formulating a strategy and gathering the right type of evidence to give the claimant the greatest chance of success.  The Utah disability attorney cannot sign an application on behalf of an individual applying and the attorney must file the correct Social Security form with them.  Often it can help to have the disability attorney help determine which forms to fill out and how to fill those forms out.  Forms will generally not determine the outcome though.  Occasionally appeals are required and so you’ll want an attorney who can appeal your case both to the Appeals Council and possible to Federal Court.

Disability Attorney Profitable Area of Law?

Certain law firms or even businesses that use non attorney representatives have been reported to earn very high earnings in the millions of dollars.  This was reported on by the Wall Street Journal.  However, many Utah disability attorneys such as myself do not represent hundreds of clients and will probably earn much less than the earnings reported on here.  Hiring an SSDI attorney from a big firm versus a smaller one will probably determine how often you will be able to talk directly with your SSDI attorney.  Asking about approval ratings in social security disability cases can lead to mixed results as an attorney with a very high approval rating may only take very easy cases to win and will decline the cases that are not as promising.  All attorneys including disability attorneys are prohibited from making promises as to outcome but approval ratings can be ascertained while remembering that results in disability appeals can vary.  Its very important to understand though that SSDI attorneys have different screening processes since the attorney will only get paid if they win.