When applying for social security disability it is important to realize that there are two essential programs (SSI and SSDI) that differ in terms of eligibility and benefits paid.  The social security disability form to be used is different for the two programs and a qualified Salt Lake SSDI attorney can tell you which one you may be eligible for.  There is a tool on the SSA website to make this determination as well.  We also did another post on forms.  One basic difference is that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is an insurance program for those that are insured under the disability program.  This means that they paid until the disability program while working and are actually still insured after they stop working for about 4-5 years.

SSI Eligiblity

Many inquire if they can get an Salt Lake SSDI lawyer when they mean SSI or vice versa.  SSI or supplemental security income is a needs based program for those that lack an extensive work history.  The benefit here is often less generous.  The amount paid under SSI is related to what other financial help or assets one might have.  A disability attorney can often determine what program and whether the amount could be reduced based on one’s circumstances.  Generally if one has less than $2,000 ($3000 for a couple) then you could be eligible for SSI. Social Security counts income from a job, money you receive from other sources such as friends/families, another government program such as the VA, or the value of free food or shelter such as from a parent.  Other income may not count such as if someone pays for a bill that is not a food or shelter bill, a tax refund, an education grant/ scholarship, a loan that you have to repay, disaster assistance, and others.  Other SSI benefits would include medicaid and food stamps from the state.  However you must determine what the assets are of the other person that a disability applicant lives under the deeming process.  If the social security disability benefits are low enough a person can get both SSDI and SSI.  Talk to a Utah Disability Attorney today to find out if this could apply to you.

How SSI and SSDI Determined?

This program is just like a government run insurance program and Social Security disability applicants need to tell their disability lawyer how long they’ve worked.  In order to be “fully insured” you need to have sufficient quarters of coverage that usually means 20 quarters out of the past 40.  In other words this is 5 years out of the past 10.  For social security disability applicants that are younger than 31 you do not need as many quarters of coverage with a minimum of six quarters of coverage needed.